Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sansa Clip: Firmware Update

What is a firmware update? Think of it as updating your tiny device's operating system. Firmware updates typically include new, useful features. In the case of my new Sansa Clip, it provided a "resume playback" feature to audiobooks!

Here are instructions on updating a Sansa Clip. These instructions might be applicable to other Sansa devices.

  • Download the Sansa Updater exe file.

  • Run the exe file to install the application.

  • The application looks like this:

  • Plug in your device when prompted.

  • Download the firmware update.

  • You'll be prompted to unplug the device to complete the firmware update.

  • If possible, leave your device alone for a while to allow the updates to take effect. (I was anxious to get started and found that I didn't see the necessary update for a few minutes -- or I simply missed it...)

Read more: Step 2 Enabling "resume playback" mode.

FYI: To find out if your Clip would benefit from a firmware update, check out the two threads concerning firmware updates on the Sansa Clip forum.