Sunday, December 27, 2009

Downloading MP3 Audiobooks to an Android Phone

Thanks to a new OverDrive app (application), it's now possible to download MP3 audiobooks directly to your Droid phone. Please note that this phone cannot download or play the WMA audiobooks in our collection.

  1. Using your phone's mobile browser, visit the OverDrive software download page.
  2. Be sure the Mobile Client Android is selected.
  3. Start the download.
  4. After the software has been successfully installed to your phone, you may browse the OverDrive site, checkout a title, and download the audiobook.
  5. (Note: I tried to download an MP3 audiobook directly after installing the software and received a message that the application had not been installed. However, after waiting a period of time, I was then able to download the title. If you see a "Download Book" button, you're good to go.)
  6. After pressing the "Download Book" button, the Droid will automatically open the OverDrive app.
  7. Once the OverDrive app opens, you'll see your audiobook in the app; however, there are no downloaded parts. You'll need to select an individual part to download or download all of the parts at once.

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