Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sansa Fuze Error "Please Obtain License..."

Error Message on the Sansa Fuze:

Please obtain license by transferring this title to device using audiobook software.

The device will play a WMA audiobook for a short period of time and then this message will appear on the Fuze's screen.

From Tech Support:
The error message received usually indicates that there was a problem transferring the license information.  Please ask your patron to try transferring this title again using the following steps.
(Please note: Do not connect the device to the computer until step 4.)

1. Power on the device and select 'Settings'.
2. Scroll to and select 'USB Mode' (or 'Mode').
3. Scroll to and select 'MTP' (or 'PlaysForSure Mode').
4. Connect the device to your computer.
5. Open 'My Computer > Sansa Fuze'.
6. Delete any WMA (Windows Media Audio) files you see that are of books you cannot play.
7. Open the OverDrive Media Console and attempt to transfer the audio book again.