Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Troubleshooting Tip: Audiobook Files on Desktop

If the audiobook files are downloading to the desktop or being saved to any other location on the computer, consider taking the following steps:
  • Check to see if the OverDrive Media Console was properly installed.
    • Can you see the green and white icon on the desktop?
    • Open the software.
    • If the software was not fully installed, install the software, including running the installation file.
    • When installing the software, be sure to install the software in the default location.
  • As a precaution only, be sure the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade was done, too. (OMC >> Tools menu >> WMP Security Upgrade >> WMP opens >> Press Play >> Exit WMP >> Backup the license if prompted.)
  • After checking out an audiobook from the Website, click on the "Download Book" button.
  • Note: Always download the audiobook files to the recommended, default location! If this is the first time you're downloading a particular format of audiobook, you'll get a message like, "The default download location does not exist. Would you like to create it now?" Yes. Create the new folder(s).
  • If using Firefox, OPEN the file with OMC. Do not save the file.
  • If using Internet Explorer, open the file. (Some older versions of Internet Explorer don't have an "Open" option. If "Open" isn't an option, click "Save."
    • If the audiobook file tries to open with any other software other than the OMC (IE or WMP, for example), take the following steps to change the file association on a computer with XP:
      1. In My Computer or Windows Explorer, go to Tools >> Folder Options
      2. Select the 'File Types' tab.
      3. Scroll down to the 'ODM' file type.
      4. Make sure that the extension is set to open with OverDrive Media
      5. If it is not, click the "Change" button and select OverDrive
        Media Console.
      6. Click 'OK' as needed to save the changes and exit the open windows.

    • Windows Vista (and Windows 7?) users can follow these instructions from Microsoft's Website.
  • If the audiobook file opens correctly with the OMC but fails to completely download, follow these instructions to obtain the entire audiobook.