Monday, February 7, 2011

Emailing eBooks to the OverDrive Media Console App for iOS

If you are like me, you find it easier to browse the NHDB site for eBooks using a desktop computer or laptop than from a mobile device. When I checkout a book from my laptop, I simply download the file, save it somewhere I'll be able to find it, and attach the file to an email to open on my iPod Touch. When I open the file on my iPod Touch, I either open and read it with the official app, OverDrive Media Console, or another free app, The Bluefire Reader. Sometimes the formatting looks better in one app than another. The big bonus of having both apps is that when I finish reading the eBook, it can be returned in a few taps from the Bluefire Reader. (No need to remember to return it from my laptop with Adobe Digital Editions.)

At this time there is no OverDrive Media Console app specifically for iPad (although the iPhone version will "work"), so I recommend the Bluefire Reader for iPad for now at least. Update- There is still no way to return eBooks early using the OverDrive Media Console, so the Bluefire Reader is still helpful in returning eBooks early with the iPad. 

UPDATE: If you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer, when you click the "Download" button, ADE might take over the download and open the title on your computer. Instead of "left-clicking" the download button, right-click (two-finger tap on a Mac) to get more options. From the new pop-up menu, choose "Save link as...," and save the file to a known location.

UPDATE: EPUB eBooks can be returned directly from the OverDrive Media Console app now. See instructions. 

Download the PDF.

Emailing eBooks to Your Apple Device