Monday, March 21, 2011

Windows Media Player Security Upgrade & Windows 7

Windows 7 users are reporting higher than normal problems with obtaining the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade. This is the error message:

"Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file."

Try following the instructions provided here:

UPDATE: According to tech support, Windows 7 users should use the DRM Reset Tool, described in an earlier blog post.

What is the WMP Security Upgrade?
This is a necessary step for all Windows users to complete prior to downloading the first WMA audiobook. It gives your computer the right to download and open a protected file. (At least that's how I think of it working...) Without first upgrading the security you might get a message pertaining to not having the right to open the file. If you continue to try to download the file without having performed the WMP Security Upgrade three or more times, contact your local librarian for information on resetting your downloads.

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