Monday, April 11, 2011

Using Adobe Digital Editions with Your Sony Reader

Well don't I feel silly for not keeping up with the eBook reader news. It turns out that a not-so-recent software update to the Sony Reader Library allows for older Sony Readers to work directly with Adobe Digital Editions. Look! The Sony Reader PRS-300 shows up in Adobe Digital Editions just like the Nook, Kobo, etc. Yea!

If you have an older Sony Reader and kept up with the updates, open Adobe Digital Editions and see if the reader now shows up on the left sidebar of ADE.

If you need to update:

Once you've updated the Sony Reader Library software, here's how you'll use ADE to manage your library eBook downloads and transfers:
  1. Visit our consortium site, log into your account, checkout and download an eBook.
  2. Open the eBook with Adobe Digital Editions instead of Reader Library.*
  3. Allow ADE to start and open the eBook.
  4. The eBook will open into the Reading View. You need to see the Library View for the transfer.
  5. Click on the small Library View icon to the upper-left of the ADE screen.
  6. Click, hold, and drag the eBook (from the library view) to the Sony Reader. 
  7. Let go and watch the very fast transfer to the reader.
  8. Safely remove the reader before disconnecting it from the computer.
* There are a few different ways to change the default program that opens EPUB files.
  • Using a Vista or Windows 7 operating system, Start >> Control Panel > search for "Default Programs"
  • Using XP, the easiest way is to find a .acsm file in your downloads > right-click the file > Open with... > Choose program > find or browse for ADE > select the check box "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file." 
  • Firefox users (PC or Mac) can choose ADE directly after clicking the "Download" button to initially download the EPUB file.