Monday, June 13, 2011

Sony Reader Library Error Update

For Sony Reader users who get the following error message:

Download failed, content has already been licensed to another user -475

  • Deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions and the Sony Reader. Once this was done, reauthorize both and was able to download and transfer the title successfully.
Steps to quickly de-authorize ADE:
On a PC: CTRL+Shift+D
On a Mac: CMD+Shift+D
To de-authorize the Sony Reader:
Ctrl+Shift+E to de-authorize a device
CMD+Shift+E on a Mac
  • Now, reauthorize Adobe Digital Editions, connect the device, and authorize it again as well.
  • Next, download a fresh title, (I always like using Firefox, as it gives me better options to control which program opens the file), and open the file with Adobe Digital Editions.
  • From the "Library View" in Adobe Digital Editions, not the "Reading View," click on the book cover, hold, and drag the title to the Sony Reader listed on the left sidebar of Adobe Digital Editions.