Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Connecting to a Wireless Network with the Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch comes in two different models:
  • The Kindle Touch includes only wireless internet access.
  • The Kindle Touch 3G includes both wireless internet AND cellular internet access.
Why is this important to know? 

When purchasing eBooks from Amazon, users are able to download their purchases via a local wireless network or through the cellular service built into their Kindle Touch 3G device. However, when downloading an eBook from our NHDB service, the user can only use a local wireless network to make the transfer. (Amazon doesn't pay for its customers to get free library eBooks delivered through the cellular service Amazon pays for.)

Check out Amazon's help page for even better instructions! 

Turn on the wireless settings and select a wireless network to download your library loan: 
  • Turn on the device. The power button is at the bottom of the device. 
  • If you are on a page other than the home page (the page that lists the titles on your Kindle), press the physical "button" at the bottom of the device. (This is the raised button consisting of four horizontal lines.)
  • From the home screen (which lists your titles), tap the "Menu" button at the upper-right of the touch screen.
  • From the new menu that overlays the screen, tap "Turn on Wireless."
  • If this is the first time connecting to a new network, tell the device which network to connect to… 
(This is an important step. KF3G devices would simply connect to the 3G network if there is no known Wi-Fi network available. They will not be able to get their library loans on the 3G network.)
  • To see the available networks, tap on "Menu" again, now "Settings" and then on "Wi-Fi Networks."
  • If this is the first time connecting to the local wireless network, the device with take a moment to scan and access the available wireless networks.
  • Tap on the desired network. 
  • If a password is required, you'll be given the opportunity to enter it now. 
  • If a special Wi-Fi security protocol is required, select the "Advanced" button to select the type of protocol. (This is the WPA, WPA2, WEP, etc.)
    Turning off the wireless:

    It's always helpful to shut off the wireless on your Kindle once you've finished the transfer. This is extend the time needed between charges.

    To shut off the wireless, tap the "Menu" button >> "Turn Off Wireless."