Friday, February 24, 2012

Penguin Titles in Kindle Format Not Available for iOS Devices

As mentioned previously, Kindle Books published by Penguin can no longer be transferred wirelessly to a Kindle or Kindle app. Instead, the Penguin-published Kindle Book must be downloaded to a computer and transferred to the Kindle device. But what about the Kindle apps on your mobile devices? I have an iPhone and wanted to know if I could download a Kindle Book published by Penguin to my computer and transfer it via USB cable to my phone. Did it work? Not that I could figure out! Here's what I did:

After checking out a Penguin-published Kindle Book, I took steps to download it to my computer. Along the way I had to select which Kindle I planned to read the book on. Unfortunately, I could not select a Kindle app, only a Kindle device. I suspected this would cause problems, but, nonetheless, I carried on.

I connected my iPhone to my Mac and let iTunes open and sync the device. I clicked on the iPhone from the left sidebar and scrolled down the main iPhone screen to "File Sharing." I loaded the Kindle file recently downloaded to my computer to the Kindle app and synced the device.

After syncing, it appeared that the file successfully transferred to the Kindle app on my iPhone. But when I tried to open it I received the following error message: 

Please remove the book from your device and redownload it from your archived items. If the problem persists, try to deregister your application and register it again. 

The other Kindle books are working fine on the app. I suspect this error is coming about because the title cannot be registered to this particular device. When I downloaded the file from the Amazon site, it asked which Kindle I wanted to put the title on. I could not choose any of the apps registered to my account, only the Kindle devices. 

At this time, I recommend checking out the EPUB version of Penguin titles and downloading directly to the OverDrive Media Console on your mobile device or emailing and opening the file on the Bluefire Reader (my EPUB app of choice in Apple devices thanks to better eBook formatting).