Monday, March 4, 2013

For Librarians: Running Activity Reports

This messages is for librarian-members of the New Hampshire Downloadable Books Consortium. Library patrons can disregard this message. 

Updated 4 January 2015
Updated 5 June 2014

Finding the Reports
OverDrive has changed the blue menu a little. Click on "Insights" and then on the small "Reports" drop-down.

Librarians, you may notice that if you run your activity reports by specific formats, you might not come up with numbers that sum up correctly when you run the report by all formats. For the best results, run your reports with all formats and sum up eBooks and audiobooks separately.

  • Log into Content Reserve >> open the "Reports" tab >> select "Circulation Activity." 
You will see that instead of giving you options to select a library, date, etc., a report loads by default. If you are using a shared login, you will see a report showing the results for a different library. Don't panic! Simply run a new report. Click on "Run New Report." 

If you wish to see a breakdown of the formats checked out for the past month, select the following:
  • Checkout by "Format"
  • Borrowed from "All" 
  • Select your library, noting that the library names are not currently listed in alphabetical order. 
  • Select "All Formats." 

If you need to remove a library or other piece of data already populating the box, put your mouse over the information and click on the "x" that appears. 

To make the drop-down list retract, click elsewhere in the box. 

The report will show the number of each format checked out during that time period. 
Tip: Change the  Period Type from "Last" to "Specific." 

Note that the PDF titles are typically the PDFs attached to "enhanced" audiobooks. 

Here's an explanation from OverDrive about the "pending" titles:

When a user completes a checkout or an audiobook or eBook (not a download), the checkout shows in CR as ‘Pending’. This is the nature of One-Step Checkout since the user does not select their format type at check out. 
Once a user selects a format (EPUB, Kindle, etc.), the checkout is moved to the appropriate format (i.e., no longer counted as ‘Pending’). 
If a user clicks ‘Read’, the checkout is attributed to OverDrive Read. However, if that user then downloads the EPUB format, the checkout moves to EPUB and is no longer counted for OverDrive Read. In other words, no checkout would be counted twice.

Here is an update from the vendor about a change to statistics. (July 8, 2015)

Circulation of enhanced content (e.g. videos or audiobooks that include supplemental PDFs) is now reported as a single checkout consistently across reports. Previously, supplemental PDFs were being tracked as a separate checkout from the parent title in the Circulation Activity report. This change was applied retroactively to circulation statistics for enhanced content and may result in slightly lower totals for past reports.

You can also export the data to a spreadsheet by clicking the "Create worksheet" button.

More Information

  • We've requested that the reports be saved instead of recreating each report each month. That is under development. (February 15th, confirmation February 18th)
  • New user registrations has been added back into Content Reserve.
  • A request to see the number of monthly (or yearly) users was put in on February 15th. 
  • A request to see the library names listed in alphabetical order was put in June 2014.