Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hold Notifications from OverDrive

There have been some random reports by patrons telling us that they are receiving emails from the NH Downloadable Books service informing them that their holds are available, but when they check their account, the titles aren't available. There was a problematic mass email notification last month where many patrons were accidentally sent hold notifications for titles that were not available yet. I'm not quite sure this is the same type of problem...

After you receive your hold notification, you'll log into your NHDB account and see the following menu from your account:

The holds button always looks grayed out when you arrive to your account and are viewing the "Bookshelf" page. Once you click on "Holds" you'll see that the "Holds" button now looks colorful. 

Even if the holds button is grayed out, it doesn't mean that there are no holds available. It just means that you are viewing another part of the account. The same holds true for "Lists." Read more about your NHDB account

Librarians: If a patron reports a hold problem, please submit a support ticket to OverDrive through Content Reserve and give them the following information: 
  • Patron number 
  • Date hold notification was sent 
  • Patron email
  • Title of book 
  • Explanation that the book was not available after receiving a hold notification
Please report any hold problems to me, so I can make others aware of the issue. -Bobbi