Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saving the OverDrive READ eBook to Your iOS 7 Apple Device

Find newer instructions for Apple's iOS 9 here! (Updated August 2016)
Find instructions for Android devices here! (Updated August 2016)
Find newer instructions for Apple's iOS 8 here! (Updated August 2015)

If you have a tablet or smartphone, the OverDrive READ format is the easiest way to start enjoying eBooks!

  • Find a book you'd like to read and tap "Borrow." 
  • Tap the "Read (in your browser)" button. 

  • The book loads in another tab of Safari with the tutorial overlay. 
  • Close the tutorial. 
  • Tap the center of the screen for menu options. 
  • Tap "Menu."

  • Tap the small icon of the cloud to get to the download option. 
  • Tap "Download". 
  • Once it reads "Downloaded" tap the book cover to close the menu. 

  • Tap the small "share" button at the bottom-center of the screen. 
  • Tap "Add to Homescreen." 

  • Tap "Add" to "Add to Home."
  • Safari closes and a new "icon" is added to the homescreen. 

  • Don't be alarmed like I was to see the sign in page. Simply sign in and you'll be brought to your book. You'll only have to sign in the one time. 

  • You'll always see the tutorial overlay each time you open the title from the homescreen bookmark. 

Happy Reading!