Tuesday, March 17, 2015

For Librarians Only: Issuing a Replacement Library Card

If a library patron loses their library card and needs to be issued a new number, you'll need to follow the instructions below to make sure that the patrons currently checked out items, holds, and wish list items, etc. are imported to the new card number.

Merging Accounts (February 2016)

  • Log into Content Reserve.
  • Visit Support. 
  • Click on "Merge Barcode Activity." 

  • Search for the first number. 
  • Search for the second number. (This must already be an active number in the Library Card Manger* or in your ILS if using SIP2.) 
  • Select the check boxes for each and merge. 
Note that these are inactive test numbers...

* The new card number must be added to the Library Card Manager before merging. Contact Bobbi for more information if you don't know if your library uses the Library Card Manager or not.