Friday, May 1, 2015

Troubleshooting Tip: Limited Title Selection

This is a troubleshooting tip for librarians:

If a patron is unable to view a wide selection of titles after logging into their account, it is likely that they have adjusted a setting in their account. This is especially true if they are only able to find mostly romance titles. 

The account >> settings gives patrons to option to view titles based on maturity level. There are four maturity levels:
  • Juvenile
  • Young Adult
  • General Adult
  • Mature Adult
It is very common for adults to set the level from "Mature Adult" to "Mature Adult" and then only be able to view a few dozen titles -- oftentimes romance titles. 

If they do not wish to view YA or children's titles, I recommend trying "General Adult" to "Mature Adult" instead.  

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