Thursday, February 25, 2016

Navigating the New OverDrive App for Audiobook Listening

Audiobook listeners might have noticed some changes on the updated OverDrive app! Let's take a look at how to find your position in an audiobook with the new app...

These screenshots were taken on an iPhone and I was using Safari (the native web browser) to search our website. I found an available audio that I wanted to listen to and tapped once to find the "Borrow" button. 

I received notification that the audio was checked out and tapped "Go to Checkouts" to download the title immediately.

Since I want to listen on the go, I'll need to "Download" the MP3 file to listen in the app. (Listen in your browser is only for streaming the audio while connected to wi-fi.)

Because I'm using Safari to browse the site, I need to tell the device to open the file in the OverDrive app. The OverDrive app is the only way to finalize the download of the audiobook. (That little .odm file is just a tiny file that initiates the download of all of those parts.) 

This is really exciting: The parts of the audiobook are now chapter markers! That is just fantastic -- and it should be so much easier to find your spot when listening and reading the same book. Previously, the parts corresponded to the 80 minute-long segments that were used for burning the audios to CD. The chapter is now listed at the bottom of the screen. 

But how do you know how far you are in the book? Tapping on the small chapters icon in the upper-right corner helps... 

When you expand (tap on) the Table of Contents, it shows all of the parts. The small blueish dot indicates your progress.

I hope this is helpful to you. Happy listening!