Monday, June 27, 2016

New Preview Site & Holds

You might have noticed that the NHDB has a new "preview" site to explore! This new site will become our primary site at the end of July. Until that point, take some time to look at the new site and take the survey available to you from the preview site. Please contact your local public library with any concerns or questions you might have.

There are a couple of known "bugs" with the new preview site.


The old site shows 6 holds per copy.

The new site shows 4 holds per copy.

The libraries' vendor (OverDrive) has explained that it is a bug of the preview site and that the numbers found on the current (older) site are correct. According to the vendor, the problem will resolve itself when the new preview site is the primary site.

Rated Titles and Recommended for You Lists

The NHDB have requested that the vendor add the rated titles and "recommended for you" lists back to the user accounts.

We hope you continue to enjoy borrowing digital audiobooks, eBooks, and periodicals from your New Hampshire public libraries!