Thursday, August 4, 2016

Troubleshooting OverDrive App Download Errors

Librarians: Many times OverDrive App download errors can be resolved by the patron by taking one or more of the following steps. However, if the problem continues, it is recommended that you submit a support ticket with the vendor's tech support team through Content Reserve.

Delete the Title from App

  • From the OverDrive app, tap the Settings icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on "Files."
  • Tap on "Delete All."
  • Note: It appears that the ability to completely remove a title without returning it to the library has been removed from the app. 
  • Follow the steps below before redownloading the title.   

Delete App Cookies

  • From "Settings Icon >> Settings >> Delete App Cookies

  • Tap "Delete App Cookies.

  • iOS (Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) Users: Browse libraries in Safari
    • Using the default iOS browser, Safari, to browse and checkout titles can also be helpful for resolving app issues. 
    • From the "Settings Icon >> Settings >> Browse libraries in Safari >> Turn to Blue"
    • See screenshot above. 
    • Note: Android users can open the default web browser, Chrome, and use it to browse for and to checkout digital titles, but there is no setting in the Android app to open the Chrome browser from the app. 
    eBooks: Using the OverDrive Read Now Format

    If an eBook is not working correctly in the OverDrive app, users are encouraged to try opening the book in the Read Now format. This format works well on most smartphone and tablet devices and does not require an app or an additional account to use. The Read Now format can be selected after the title has also be downloaded in Kindle Book or EPUB eBook format. 

    Downloads Setting

    Sometimes the downloads get turned off by accident. Check that the downloads have not been turned off.

    • From the "Settings Icon >> Settings >> Files >> Downloads on." 
    Read more: 

    Contact your local librarian for additional assistance from the vendor's tech support team.