Friday, October 26, 2018

For Librarians: OverDrive User Login Manager

The OverDrive Library Card Manager has updated to the OverDrive User Login Manager. 

This is a blog post for librarians of the New Hampshire Downloadable Books service. 

The new User Login Manager functions in the same manner as the old LCM software. Librarians are able to:

  • Add new patrons with or without a PIN/Password (depending on your login requirements)
  • Remove patrons
  • Edit patron access
    • Excessive fines
    • Overdue items
    • Expired card
    • Lost card
    • Stolen card
    • Privileges revoked
    • Invalid account
    • Deleted
  • Add an expiration date
The real news to the update is the ability for a librarian to add an expiration date to the patron number. 

Let's take a look at the new site:

Note that when you login, you will be prompted to confirm that you have the right to make changes. 

Searching for a specific user:

If you are looking to edit the privileges of a specific user, use the "Search users" box. 

Once you have found the user, you can update the user status as needed. Note that you *could* add a patron name. But why would you? 

For libraries with short patron numbers, a PIN or password is often used. For those accounts, there is a field to change the password. 

Adding a Single User

To add a single user, click on "Manage users" and then on "Add new user."  

New users (and when editing existing users) can be assigned a user status and, most importantly, an expiration date (highly recommended).

Bulk Uploads

It is possible to export your entire set of patrons and add in an expiration date to the file in a YYYYMMDD format. However, I recommend contacting me first before attempting it. (And I am always happy to assist.)