Audiobook Help

We have two different formats of audiobooks in our digital collection. One format has Digital Rights Management (DRM) and requires a set of very specific steps to unlock the DRM.

WMA Audiobook Help

Nearly all of the audiobooks in our digital collection are Windows Media Audio (WMA) audiobooks. The DRM is managed by Windows. The only way to use these audiobooks is to download the entire audiobook to a Windows computer and transfer the audiobook to a compatible audio device.

Hint: After installing the OverDrive Media Console program for Windows (never Windows 8!), you must perform a Windows Media Player Security Upgrade

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MP3 Audiobook Help

More than half of our audiobook collection is available in DRM-free MP3 format. These titles can be used on a wide variety of audio devices by downloading the files to a computer and transferring the audio to a music player or app or by downloading the audiobook directly to the OverDrive Media Console mobile app, available for nearly every major tablet through the Apple App Store, Google Play, Kindle Fire app store, and more!

Hint: Mac users and those people wishing to download directly to their device are restricted to using the MP3 audiobook format.

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