Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Avoiding the Error: Fulfullment Limit (3) for the Requested Title

If you get an error message that reads:
Error Code: 80040812
Error details: Failed call to fulfill the title. The fulfillment limit (3) for the requested title has been reached.

You'll need to contact your local librarian and ask them to reset your downloads. When contacting them, be sure to include your card number and the title of the book.

Here's how to avoid getting this error message:
  • If this is the first time using the service, be sure that you've performed a Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.
    • Open the OverDrive Media Console >> Tools menu >> Windows Media Player Security Upgrade >> WMP will open >> Play >> Let the 11 second file finish playing >> Close WMP >> Back up the license when prompted.
    • If the play button doesn't fully appear, obtain the upgrade manually.

  • If you've received this message because you need to download the audiobook in parts (due to a slow or spotty Internet connection):
    • Instead of re-downloading the audiobook from the Website each time (which actually causes this error message after three attempts)...
    • Open the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) >> Highlight (select) the desired title >> Click on the "Download" button at the top of the OMC screen.
    • You should be able to click on this "Download" button as many times as necessary to download all of the parts of your audiobook.

  • If you receive this message for any other reason, please contact your local librarian and report the problem. They will need to send the information to OverDrive's tech support team for a solution.
    • Be sure to include your contact information, your card number, the title of the audiobook, your computer's operating system, and any other relevant information.