Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Early eBook Returns: Kobo & Nook Owners

Because you already use Adobe Digital Editions to download and transfer the eBooks, you have everything you need to return the eBook early. Here's what you need to know:
  • After transferring an eBook to your Nook or Kobo, don't delete the eBook from Adobe Digital Editions. You'll need the file again when it's time to return it. 
  • Once you've finished reading the eBook, open ADE on your computer. 
  • From the "Library" view (so you can see the small book covers), place your mouse over the book cover. 
  • Notice the small arrow to the upper left of the book cover. 
  • Click on that small arrow to return the borrowed item. 
    • Now log into the NHDB Website >> My Account >> My Currently Checked Out Items, the book should be gone! (Refresh the page, if necessary.) 
    Important: Returning too many eBooks too quickly causes an "Early Return Error" (710) message! Unfortunately I cannot find documentation from Adobe that completely describes the situation that causes this error. This seems to be the standard answer:

    When I tried to return an ebook early, I got an error message: "Early Return Error" (error 710)

    There is a limit to the number of ebooks that can be returned early within a short period of time. The lock out time depends on how early and how many titles have been returned early in that short period of time. Patrons will have to wait a day or so for the lock out to end. They should still be able to check out Audiobooks.
    WebJunction: eBooks Troubleshooting

    My Advice: Don't checkout and return more than one eBook immediately. Wait a day or so before returning a second eBook.