Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Windows 7 and the WMP Security Upgrade

I've been itching to get my hands on a new Windows 7 computer (and now I've got five to play with!) to see what's really going on with the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade issue. (It's tough giving tech advice when it's all coming second hand.)

In summary: Try this first. If it doesn't work you'll have to read this whole post. ;-) 

Here's my experience: 

After successfully installing the OverDrive Media Console, I clicked the "Tools" menu and selected "Windows Media Player Security Upgrade." Nothing happens. (With XP and Vista, WMP opens and a file downloads, prompting you to play the file.)

Huh? Ok, then.

So I visited the DRM Reset Tool, as described in an earlier blog post and recommended by tech support. To be honest, my eyes started to cross and I did a lot of skimming to reach the part of the instructions where one should download the file and run it as an admin. I did that and it didn't make any different. Now, since I didn't try to play the test file, maybe I did something wrong. Meh. I decided to move on to another solution.

So instead of dealing with the DRM Reset Tool, I was able to get by on these old instructions. How about anyone else? Do these old instructions still work for you?

Note that you must use Internet Explorer to accomplish this task!

If this doesn't work for you, I've had luck taking a few extra steps involving renaming the DRM folder on the computer. Here's the trick, the DRM folder is oftentimes hidden.

How to show the DRM folder (hidden folders and files): 
  • Open the Control Panel of your computer. 
  • Search the Control Panel (upper right corner of the CP) for "Hidden Folders."
  • Select "Show the Hidden Files, Folders and Drives."
  • And deselect "Hide protected operating system files."
  • The computer will yell at you. That's ok. Feel free to change back the settings when you're done.
(Sorry for the horrible "arrows" -- I miss SnagIt.)

Changing the DRM folder name:

You're done with that part. Now it's off to changing the name of the DRM folder on your computer. This folder is located in different places, depending on the operating system. Here's where to find the folder on Windows 7:

Right click on the colorful start button in the lower left-hand corner of the computer's screen.
Open Windows Explorer. (Yes, I'm old school.) Or -- ta-da -- even easier, click on the cute little folder icon on the bar at the bottom of your Windows 7 screen. (Duh!) 

You'll want: Computer >> OS (c drive) >> Program Data >> Microsoft >> Windows  >> DRM folder 

Or in other words:
  • Look for the Computer on the left sidebar.
  • Now, expand Computer (by clicking the triangle next to computer) to find OS. Click.
  • Find Program Data folder. Click.
  • Find Microsoft folder. Click.
  • Find Windows folder. Click.
  • Find the DRM folder.
  • Don't open the DRM folder, instead, right-click on the folder. 
  • Select "Rename."
  • Call it "DRMold."
  • Done with that. Feel free to go back over to the Control Panel and don't show the hidden folders and hide protected operating files. 
Now try the original instructions again. Don't forget to use Internet Explorer!

Now try the steps in this post once again. After you complete the steps, go back to the OverDrive Media Console >> Tools menu >> Windows Media Player Security Upgrade >> It should now give you a message that the upgrade is complete and this would be a re-upgrade.

I hope this helps!