Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Delete Expired Titles from Kindles

Here is how to quickly remove expired titles from showing up (and cluttering up) your Kindle's home screen.

To delete expired titles from a Kindle Touch:

  • Find an expired title you wish to delete from the home screen that lists the titles of the books on your device.
  • Tap and hold the title until a notice appears. 

  • Tap "Delete This Notice/Letter." 

From the Kindle Fire: 
  • Find the expired title.
  • Tap and hold directly on the title until a "Remove from Device" option pops up.  
  • This can be done from the home screen or the "Books" screen. 

From a Kindle Keyboard: 
  • From the "Home" screen, find the expired title...
  • Using the controller, highlight the title. 
  • Press the left side of the controller. 
  • A small "Delete" option appears.
  • Press the center (select) button of the controller.