Saturday, April 7, 2012

Troubleshooting: MP3 Audiobooks Playing Out of Order

What to do if your iPod plays your MP3 audiobook out of order:

  • Reconnect your iPod to your computer and allow the device to finish syncing with iTunes. 
  • Click on your iPod from the left sidebar.
  • Locate the MP3 audiobook in the Music or Books (Audiobooks) folder within your iPod. The MP3 audiobook will probably be in your "Music" folder, unless you previously changed the file from music to audiobook.*
  • Notice that there are no numbers to the left of each part. Adding these track numbers should correctly order your parts.
  • Right-click part one and select "Get Info." (On a Mac, use the secondary click or two-finger tap or Ctrl-click.)
Click to enlarge image.

  • View the "Info" tab.
  • Give each part a track number (1 of 7, etc.) and click "OK."

    Click to enlarge image.

  • Repeat these steps for each part of the audiobook.
* How to let your iPod know that the MP3 audiobook is really an audiobook and not a music file. (This will keep your audiobook from shuffling into your music and enables resume playback.)