Friday, January 25, 2013

Finding Available Titles

In our OverDrive site, whenever you click on a link to view a genre or collection the titles are sorted from newest to oldest. It's great to see what's new, but what if you want to check out a book right now? There's a simple solution: Click the "Available Now" button to sort to available titles. It's quick and easy to see great titles that are ready to read or listen to immediately. Notice the option to switch between cover, grid, and list view? (I like viewing the site in list view.)

(Click to enlarge the image.)

After you click the "Available Now" button, the way the titles are sorted changes from "Added to Site" to "Relevancy." For best results, consider re-sorting the collection by "Most Popular" (this is a great way to find yesterday's best sellers you might have missed!) or "Added to Site" to catch the newest titles that just became available. 

 Now you see a collection of popular, available titles to check out! 

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