Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Returning an Adobe EPUB eBook with Adobe Digital Editions 2.0

If you are a Nook Simple Touch user or use another eBook reader that requires you to download eBooks to Adobe Digital Editions before transferring your eBook to the device, these instructions are for you!

  • To return an eBook early to the collection and off your account, open Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 and find the Adobe EPUB eBook. 
  • Right-click on the cover.
  • Select "Return borrowed item." 
Note that only Adobe EPUB eBooks can be returned to the collection early. Open EPUB eBooks cannot be returned early. 

The eBook should be removed from your NHDB account almost immediately.  

If the book has disappeared from Adobe Digital Editions but not from your account, try refreshing the page once or twice. If the problem persists, ask your local librarian to submit a support ticket to OverDrive asking that they return the title for you. 

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