Monday, January 14, 2013

Windows Media Player Security Upgrade: All Windows Operating Systems

Update (11 March 2013): Some users are being prompted to re-upgrade their Windows Media Player Security Upgrade. If the instructions below do not work for you, check out these instructions from OverDrive's tech support team to reset your DRM on the computer

In order to download WMA (Windows Media Audio) audiobooks from our OverDrive collection, you *must* download the titles to a Windows computer and perform a Windows Media Player Security Upgrade. Over the years (and multiple Windows upgrades), I've found different tricks for getting a successful upgrade.

Standard Way to Get WMP Security Upgrade:

With most XP operating systems and, at times, Windows 7, the WMP Security Upgrade can be achieved by  opening the OverDrive Media Console (on a PC) >> Selecting the "Tools" menu >> Windows Media Player Security Upgrade. After clicking the "Ok" button to get the upgrade, the Window Media Player program will open and play a short file. You'll close WMP, saving the file (if desired, when prompted) and you're done.

When the Tools >> WMP Security Upgrade Doesn't Work:

There are times when using Windows 7 and Windows 8 that the upgrade won't work from the OMC program. In cases like this, open Microsoft Internet Explorer by right-clicking the icon from the desktop/startpage and "Run as Admin" (DO NOT try to use Firefox or Chrome), visit the following Microsoft site:
  • Click "Upgrade" (twice) and let the site connect to the Microsoft server.
  • Of note: The Microsoft Website states that if you have trouble listening to the audiobook, restart your computer.

Windows 8 Users -- If the "Upgrade" button is grayed out, try this tip:

  • Using Internet Explorer on Windows 8, press F12 on your keyboard (or click the Gear icon in the top-right corner, and select F12 developer tools).
  • From the Developer Tools windows, select Browser Mode: IE10 Compat View, then Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View from the drop-down.
  • Bobbi's Note (October 2013): I've found that dropping down to IE 9 works when the IE 10 Compatibility View doesn't. 

Windows 8 Error: Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing this file
Recently, a patron kept getting the following error message when trying to get the upgrade on his Windows 8 computer after following all of the above steps.
"Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing this file."
The solution is to turn off Internet Explorer's Protected Mode. Here are the steps:

From the "Settings" icon in IE >> Click on Internet Options >> Security tab >> Deselect "Enable Protected Mode." 

For helpful screenshots and more instructions, check out this excellent blog post:

Other Solutions:
There are rare instances in which the DRM folder on the computer must be reset. The instructions look daunting, but just follow them step-by-step and it's not bad to do.

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If you are using a Microsoft Surface RT tablet, it lacks the capability to get the WMP Security Upgrade or play WMA files. Read more.