Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Installing the OverDrive Media Console for Windows

You must install the OverDrive Media Console for Windows software prior to downloading your first WMA audiobook. This free software manages your audiobook downloads and allows the WMA audiobooks to be opened and enjoyed on your PC and ultimately transferred to your Apple device or other compatible player.

Click on "Help" to find the software downloads. 

 From the "Help" page, click on "Software."

Select OverDrive Media Console...

  • A new tab or window opens to the OverDrive Media Console page.

Hint: All Windows users (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) should select the “Windows” version of the software – yes, even Windows 8 users! (Windows 8 OMC software does NOT allow you to use the popular WMA audiobooks.)

Hint: The mobile device section is used to install an app directly to your mobile device. Ignore that section if you are looking to install software to your computer.The OverDrive Media Console mobile app for your phone, iPod Touch, or tablet device cannot be used to download WMA audiobooks from our collection. If you want to checkout and enjoy WMA audiobooks, you must install the OMC program for your Windows computer. The WMA audiobooks cannot be downloaded and opened to a Windows computer without first: 

Installing the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) 

  • Select “Windows.” 
  • Click “Download Now” download the installer. 
  • Run the installer package. 

Note: The browser you choose to use handles the installation differently.
  • Firefox users: Check your preferred download location to find the installer and double-click the file to start the installation. 
  • Internet Explorer users: Chose to “Run” the file. 
  • Chrome Users: Look for a small download box in the lower-left corner of your browser. Click to run the download.

Running the Installation Wizard

  • Be aware that you might receive a security warning, depending on your operating system’s security settings. 
  • Click “Run” to start the installation.
  • Follow the installation wizard. 

  • Be sure to agree to the licensing agreement.


  • Install the software in the default location unless you have a very good reason to change it. 
  • If you have multiple users (and user profiles) on your computer and you want this software to be available to everyone, be sure to select “everyone.”

  • Confirm the installation. 
  • Close the installation wizard when prompted to do so. 

At this point, the OverDrive Media Console software has been installed. However, you must still perform a Windows Media Player Security Upgrade to download WMA audiobooks to your Windows computer. 

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