Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Signing Into NHDB on a Nexus 7

Unlike other mobile devices, the Nexus 7 login screen mimics the login found on a desktop computer.

  • Click "Sign In" to get started...

  • Start typing the name of the library or town.
  • Select the correct library.

  • Note that the login number used to access your account varies by library. Examples are:
    • your library number
    • a prefix and a library number
    • your library number and your last name as the PIN
    • your library number and your phone number as the PIN
  • Your library account must be in good standing to use the service. These are things that could keep you from logging into the site:
    • items that are overdue at your library
    • an expired card
    • excessive fines on your library account
Always check with your local librarian for more information and to make sure your library account is in good standing.