Thursday, February 28, 2013

Solution to Bookshelf Error

Resolved! (Whew!) It turns out that successfully downloading and installing the Google Chrome Frame fully resolves this problem. Be sure to exit and restart Internet Explorer after installing the Chrome Frame.

You can disregard the rest of this message... 

OverDrive's tech support team offered the following solution to the script error in the patron account >> bookshelf.

From OverDrive's tech support team member:

We thank you for contacting us and for providing the screenshot. After researching the issue that is being reported, I found that this is a script error within the  browser being used. I have provided a link to the Microsoft Support page that lists ways to clear the script error.

We saw that your patron is also having the issue using Google Chrome. What I located is if the error is corrected in Internet Explorer, it will be fixed in other browsers as well. 

This article explains what could be happening on your computer in a way that the average person might make some sense of it. ;-) 

I've also asked OverDrive if this is a script error that they themselves can fix.