Monday, March 25, 2013

Google Chrome Frame Solves Internet Explorer Errors

If you use Internet Explorer to access the New Hampshire Downloadable Books site and are experiencing any of the following problems, please install the Google Chrome Frame to solve these issues:

  • Unable to select a format
  • Unable to download a title
  • Unable to load the "Holds" page
  • Unable to load the "Lists" page
  • Unable to load an eBook sample or the OverDrive READ format
The Google Chrome Frame adds additional functionality to the Internet Explorer browser -- namely support for HTML 5. Our new NHDB site relies heavily on HTML 5 code and without this "boost" the the IE browser, some site features do not work properly. 

  • Using Internet Explorer, visit the Google Chrome Frame site.
  • Fully install the software. 
  • Close IE. 
  • Open IE and visit the NHDB site
  • Log into the site. Your account should load properly now.