Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OverDrive Media Console App on a Kindle Fire 2

With the use of the Kindle App Store, it's easy to install the OverDrive Media Console mobile app on both the first and second generation Kindle Fires.

These screenshots were taken with a second generation Kindle Fire, but it should be similar with a first gen device.

Start your Kindle Fire (Fire) and connect to a local wireless network. Tap "Apps" at the top of the device to find the App Store. Search for "OverDrive Media Console."

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Select the OverDrive Media Console app, purchase the free app, download it, and open it when it has installed. 

Note that you will always see this notice after opening the app. (I have yet to find a way to make it truly disappear... 

Click on the small "Get Books" icon and add a library. 

Type in your New Hampshire ZIP code for your local member library and select the NH Downloadable Books Consortium. 

Sign into the site with your library card number. (Note that some libraries require additional login information such as a PIN or prefix. 

Tap the small "Menu" icon to start browsing. Note the large, blue button to narrow the search results down to available titles? (The light gray icon means the title is checked out.) Read more about finding available titles.

Narrow your search results down by format, if necessary. Note the rotating your device 90 degrees shows a left-sidebar to the site? This is a helpful way to browse the site. 

Once you have found a book you'd like to read, click borrow. 
This is a great example of why it's handle to be omni-formatted! In order to use the Kindle Book version of this book you'd have to download the Kindle Book file to your computer and transfer the file to your Kindle Fire with a USB cable. Why? This title is published by Penguin and they do not allow wireless transfers of their books in Kindle format. Learn how to transfer a Kindle Book using a computer and USB cable

This title can be read in either Kindle Book (with USB cable transfer) or in EPUB eBook format. Tap the "Download" button to select a format. 

You are now in your web-based Account Bookshelf. Learn more about your account. Select EPUB eBook. 

Confirm your selection.

At this time, the file is typically downloaded to the OverDrive Media Console's bookshelf and is ready to read in moments. However, it is necessary to authorize the app with a free Adobe ID the first time you use it. We are prompted to do so at this time. The next time you download a title, you will not have to do this. If you don't have a free Adobe ID, get an ID. 

Fill out this simple form. Double check your spelling! Write down your ID (email address) and password immediately. (Trust a librarian on this!) If you don't wish to receive emails from Adobe, deselect the check box. 

Fabulous! You now have an Adobe ID. 

Now you have to go back to the OverDrive Media Console app and authorize the app with your ID and password. Here's how to find it. Tap on the small settings button.

Enter your email address and password. Be sure to check your spelling! Tap "Authorize."

The app communicates with the Adobe server... When you see "Deauthorize," you're all set!

Go to the app's Bookshelf to see your book. Tap on the book cover to start reading the book.  

When you are reading the book and want to return the main menu, tap on the center of the screen and tap the small back arrow at the bottom of the screen. 

To return the title back to the collection prior to the end of your 7 or 14-day loan period, click on the small plus sign next to the title. 

The OverDrive Media Console mobile app can be used on most phones and tablet devices, including Androids, Apple devices, Blackberry, Nook Tablets, and Windows 7 phones and Surface tablets. 

Thanks for the use of your Kindle Fire, Di!