Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OverDrive READ Format on a Second Generation Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire users can enjoy the OverDrive READ format on their second generation device. The first generation Kindle Fire doesn't seem to handle the format as nicely.

The OverDrive READ format loads the entire eBook into the tablet's browser. Kindle Fire users might have less use of this format, since the Kindle Fire is a, well, Kindle. But there are times when a title isn't yet available in the Kindle Book format through OverDrive and might be available in the OverDrive READ format. Here's how it works:

Using the web browser of your Kindle Fire 2, log into the service. Browse to find and borrow an eBook that is available in OverDrive Read format.

You'll be brought to the bookshelf once you've tapped the "Borrow" button. Select the "READ In Your Browser" button to open the eBook in OverDrive READ format. 

Through the magic of HTML 5, the eBook loads in your browser. The READ eBook will always open to a tutorial. Follow the "Next" steps to learn more or close the tutorial. 

After finishing or closing the tutorial, you will see the book cover image. Flip through a few pages by tapping the right side of the screen or swiping from right to left with a single finger. Note that you might enjoy the reading experience more in portrait view. 

If you find the font too small for your liking. (It always is for me!) Find the font settings by dragging the screen downwards and tapping the small "paragraph" icon for font settings. 

Tap on "Book Default" next to font size to select a specific size font. 

At the time of this blog post, it option to read offline was not available. But be on the lookout for a small "cloud" icon to download the title for offline use. Tap elsewhere on the screen to close the settings. Note the small star icon at the bottom right of the screen. Consider bookmarking the title to add it to your favorites. 

Thanks for the use of your Kindle, Di!