Monday, September 16, 2013

Checking out an OverDrive READ eBook on an iPad (Video)

Find newer instructions for Apple's iOS 9 here! (Updated August 2016)
Find instructions for Android devices here! (Updated August 2016)

Here is a short two minute video on checking out, downloading, and reading an OverDrive READ eBook on your iPad (or other tablet device). The OverDrive READ eBook does not require an app or any special ID/password -- just your library card!

Sorry for the lack of detail on where exactly I'm tapping on the video. I'm not using very sophisticated software. Check out this blog post for screenshots and more instructions.

So why all of the OverDrive READ instructional materials? Because this is truly the easiest way to get reading on a tablet or phone. Try it for yourself!

Note: Be aware that this video was taken on a device running iOS 6. Apple devices running iOS 7 cannot save the bookmark to the desktop. Instead, you will want to save the book to Safari's "bookmarks" folder.  (12 November 2013)