Monday, September 23, 2013

Deleting Audiobooks from an iPhone

Removing audiobooks from an iPhone is easily done, but be aware that you have to choose the correct removal method based on the way you added the audiobooks.

If you used the OverDrive Media Console mobile app...
  • Find the title in the app's bookshelf..
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines icon...

  • The Settings menu will appear from the right of the screen. Tap the "Bookshelf." 

  • Long-tap the book cover image. It will "expand" a little. 

  • Tap the "Return" button -- not the delete button. (Note that the return button will only show up on actively checked out titles. 
  • Tap "Return" again. 

  • The title will disappear and will be removed from your account. 

Cabled Transfers

If you transferred the audiobook to your computer with the use of a UBS cable and iTunes -- and the audiobook is now located in your "Music >> More >> Audiobooks" or "Music >> Playlists" or "Music >> Artist..."

  • Locate the audiobook and go to the point where you are able to view all of the parts. 
  • Swipe your finger from right to left on each part and delete. 

You can also delete the audiobooks while the iPhone is connected to the computer. 
  • After connecting your device and allowing it to sync with iTunes...
  • Find your device on the left sidebar of iTunes. 
  • Expand the device, if necessary, to show the folders within the iPhone. (Click on the small triangle to expand.)

  • Your music could be in Audiobooks (if you've added metadata to your MP3 audiobooks), Music (if you didn't added metadata to the MP3 audiobooks), or Playlists (if you transferred a WMA audiobook to your iPhone).
  • Find the parts of the audiobook on the computer screen and delete each. 
Don't forget that you can also return the MP3 audiobooks from a Windows computer through the OverDrive Media Console program. (The Mac version of the software doesn't have this option.)

WMA audiobooks can never be returned to the collection early.