Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saving Shortcuts to the iPad Homescreen

Find new instructions for Apple's iOS 9 here! (Updated: August 2016)
Find new instructions for Apple's iOS 8 here. (Updated: August 2015)

I'm sorry to say that I'm having some trouble adding an awesome homescreen shortcut to the OverDrive READ eBooks onto my Apple devices running the newest software (iOS 7), and I suspect that others might be too. The OverDrive READ eBooks can still be downloaded to your device for offline reading and bookmarked and saved to your bookmark folder though. (Whew!)

Until the homescreen shortcuts are resolved, consider creating a new folder in your Safari bookmarks called "Books" and saving your OverDrive READ bookmarks there for now. 

(Click to enlarge the image.)

If you try to save an eBook to the homescreen, it *looks* like it works. However, the pretty picture of the book cover brings you back to our site's login page, not the eBook! 

So, until this is resolved, please save the eBook as a bookmark Safari.