Thursday, November 7, 2013

iPad Guide

If you have an iPad...

  • You have many options for listening to audiobooks or reading eBooks.
  • Every format of eBook or audiobook can *potentially* be used on the iPad. 
 Compatible Formats

  • Adobe EPUB eBooks
    • This format is read on the OverDrive Media Console app.
  • Open EPUB eBooks
    • Open these with iBooks or the OMC app.
  • Kindle Books 
    • Use the Kindle app.
  • OverDrive READ eBooks
    • Open the READ eBooks with Safari. 
  • WMA Audiobooks
    • Compatible if the iPad noramally syncs with a Windows computer
  • MP3 Audiobooks
    • Compatible whether the iPad normally syncs with a Mac or Windows computer. Also compatible with the OMC app.

  • You must have a library card in good standing from one of the 200 member New Hampshire Public Libraries. 
  • You need to know your card number and perhaps a library account PIN or prefix. Contact your local librarian for more information. 
  • The apps and formats have different requirements.


  • If you already read on a Kindle app, consider starting with the Kindle Book format. 
  • If you want to see how easy it can be to read an eBook on your iPad, check out the OverDrive READ format. 
  • If you want to be able to read all of the eBooks in our collection (EPUB) or enjoy MP3 audiobooks on the go, download the OverDrive Media Console app. 
  • Consider downloading audiobooks to your Windows or Mac computer for a better listening experience. (I find that the OMC app jumps back to previous positions.)


Using Kindle Books with the Kindle app
Using the OverDrive Media Console for EPUB eBooks and MP3 Audiobooks (PDF) (Video)
Enjoying the OverDrive READ format on an iPad (Video) (How to Bookmark)
WMA audiobooks for Windows computer users with iPod transfer
MP3 audiobooks for Mac users with iPod transfer