Monday, October 13, 2014

Transferring MP3 Audiobooks from a Computer to Apple Device

These are instructions for transferring an MP3 audiobook from a Windows or Mac computer to an Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Once you've checked out and downloaded your MP3 audiobook to the OverDrive Media Console for Windows or for Mac (full handout) you are ready to transfer the audiobook to your Apple device. 

A Note about iPod Compatibility 
If you don’t already sync your iOS device to a computer, you’ll need to install iTunes and authorize it with your same iTunes ID and password as used to purchase items on your Apple device. 
Transfer Tips for iPod Users

MP3 audiobooks do not have metadata to show that they are an audiobook; your iPod will only recognize these titles as music. This can be frustrating! Changing the files from music to audiobook is quick and beneficial. View these instructions with more images and instructions on the MP3 Audiobooks for Macs handout. (Instructions from pages 10-13 apply to Windows users, too.)
  • Plug in the iPod to the computer.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Wait for iTunes to recognize the iPod. Give it a few minutes to sync and backup. 
  • Add the audiobook to iTunes: File >> Add to Library... >> [My] Documents >> My Media >> MP3 Audiobooks.
  • Click on Music on the left sidebar of iTunes.
  • Search Music folder for the audiobook. (If you don't see a search box, place your mouse in the upper-right corner. It should appear.)
  • Locate the MP3 audiobook parts.
  • Select all of the parts at once. The easiest way is to click the first part, hold down the shift button, and use the down arrow key (with the shift button depressed) to select the other parts.
  • Once all parts are selected, right click. (Control-Click on a Mac)
  • Select "Get Info."
  • Navigate to the "Options" tab. (I use the word "tab" loosely here...)
  • Change the following:
    • Media Kind: Audiobooks
    • Compilation: Yes
    • Remember position
    • Skip when shuffling
    • Ok -- Save the changes.
    • The audiobook will disappear from the Music folder and will show up in the Audiobooks folder. 

To transfer the audiobook to your Apple device, locate the audiobook title in audiobooks >> right click (Option-click) >> Add to Playlist >> iPhone/iPod/iPad

Note that a recent update to iOS brings the audiobooks into iBooks. Formerly, the audiobooks were played in the Music app. (I'm guessing that any audiobooks not assigned "audiobook" and kept as "music" would remain in the Music app though.) 

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Old-school Tips That Might Be Handy

Manually Manage Music
  • You must have the device set to “Manually Manage Music (and Video). From the left sidebar >> Click on your device name >> Stay on the Summary page >> Scroll down to see “Manually Manage Music (and Video) >> Select >> Apply. Be sure to apply the changes!

Change Import Settings 
You will also need to make a quick change to the import settings in iTunes.
  • Open iTunes. 
  • From the “Edit” menu, click “Preferences.” 
  • From the “General” tab, click “Import Settings” button. 
  • Change the Settings to “Spoken Podcast” and click “OK.” 

Why Change the Import Settings? 
When transferring the WMA audiobook file to an iPod, the WMA file is converted to an iPod-friendly AAC file. This conversion/transfer can take 2-4 minutes per part. The OMC software prompts the patron to change the iTunes import settings from “High Quality” to “Spoken Podcast.” Doing so will significantly reduce the transfer time.

The changes to the iTunes settings only need to be done once. You are now ready to transfer the audiobook to your iPod.