Thursday, November 12, 2015

New B&N Glowlight Plus Now Compatible with NHDB Service

Information about a new eBook Reader for NH Downloadable Books Patrons and Librarians:

According to the Barnes & Noble website (but not tested by this author), Nook GlowLight Plus devices running software version 4.5.1 (and presumably higher) can now be registered with an Adobe ID and can be used for reading EPUB eBooks from our New Hampshire service.

"Quick" Takeaway: 

  • The eBook still needs to be downloaded to a Windows or Mac computer (with more requirements for Mac users, see below). 
  • Adobe Digital Editions still needs to be installed on the computer and authorized with an Adobe ID.
  • The device must be registered with the same Adobe ID by entering the information into the device itself.
  • The downloaded eBook file is copied from the computer and pasted into a folder on the device while the device is mounted to (plugged into) the computer. The Adobe Digital Editions transfer does not work with this device. 

From the B&N website:

Software Version 4.5.1 on your NOOK GlowLight Plus supports Adobe DRM ePub and PDF files. 

You can transfer and read eBooks borrowed from Public Libraries and protected with Adobe DRM. 

 Your NOOK GlowLight Plus has built-in support for Adobe DRM. It does not need to and will not be recognized by Adobe® Digital Editions or 3M™ Cloud Library desktop softwares. 
Step 1Authorizing your NOOK GlowLight PlusTo gain authorized access to content protected with Adobe DRM on your NOOK, you will need your existing Adobe ID associated with the protected content or to obtain a free Adobe ID from Adobe. This is a one-time setup for each Adobe ID. To create a free Adobe ID, visit:

Once you have your Adobe ID, enter it directly on your NOOK GlowLight Plus: 

 From a Home screen, tap Settings and page to the 2nd screen. 

 Under “ACCOUNT & PROFILE”, tap on Adobe DRM Settings. 

 Tap on “Add Adobe ID” and enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID. 

 Press OK

Step 2Transferring Adobe DRM protected ePub and PDF files
After authorizing your NOOK, you can transfer your ePub and PDF files.  Note: To transfer files from a Mac, you must first install the Android File Transfer application on your computer. Once this application is installed, your NOOK will be recognized by your Mac and you can use Android File Transfer to transfer the files from your computer. To get the most recent version of Android File Transfer, please visit 
 Connect your NOOK GlowLight Plus to your computer with the micro-USB cable. 

 Your NOOK GlowLight Plus will appear on your PC as a removable drive. 

3. Locate on your computer the ePub or PDF file to transfer. For eBooks you downloaded from Adobe Digital Editions or 3M Cloud Library desktop application, your eBooks will usually be located in the folder “My Digital Editions” under “Documents”. Tip: From your Adobe Digital Edition Library, right-click a book cover and click on “Show File in Explorer” (Windows) or “Show File in Finder” (Mac). 
 Copy the file to your NOOK GlowLight Plus into the sub-folder “My Files”. 

 On your NOOK GlowLight Plus, go to Library, select “My Files” and open the file newly transferred.