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Kindle Users

For those of you using a Kindle device, follow these instructions.
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PC Users

For PC users with a Nook, Kobo, or other compatible reader that requires eBooks be transferred with Adobe Digital Editions:

For PC users with a Sony Reader (the Sony Readers require both Adobe Digital Editions and Sony's Reader Library software):
For Mac users with a Nook, Kobo or any other compatible reader that needs Adobe Digital Editions to load the eBooks:

For Mac users with a Sony Reader (Sony Reader needs both Adobe Digital Editions and the Sony Reader Library software):

Adobe EPUB eBooks For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Users:
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eBooks on iOS (With Graphics)

Kindle Books for iOS Users:
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Your iPad and NHDB  

For Android Phone Users:

Android & omc
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eBooks (in progress)

For Nook Simple Touch, Kobo Devices, and some other devices dependent on Adobe Digital Editions
Download the handout in Word format.

Nearly any tablet-like device can install the OverDrive Media Console mobile app for downloading and reading EPUB eBooks (and MP3 audiobooks)